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Villa Hanis


Hani´s Restaurant, Bakery & Deli is the brainchild of Hani and her Belgian husband Koen. It started in 2003 when Hani decided to make their own bread after a visit to Belgium. The idea was to make healthy and tasty bread, based on old European traditions.

The first Hani´s Bakery opened in September 2003 in Minggiran, South Yogyakarta, as a simple bakery tea-room. It slowly developed into a small restaurant, serving a variety of salads and meals, apart from a selection of cakes, chocolates and bread.

Due to a growing demand from customers in North Yogyakarta the idea came to open a second restaurant and bakery in that area. A location was found in Jl. Palagan, just North  of the Hyatt hotel and on the 24th of April Hani´s Restaurant, Bakery & Deli opened on a 1.800 sqm piece of land, surrounded by sawah...

The simple but cosy design of the building, in combination with the high quality of food and the natural surroundings has made Hani´s into a household name in Yogyakarta.

Apart from the open restaurant there is an air conditioned shop where daily fresh bread, croissants, cakes and chocolates are sold, in addition to a variety of imported delicacies like vegemite, olives, cheese, etc...

Frequented by both the expat and the local community, it is one of the best known places in town!

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